• Commercial 1
    Commercial 1 by Jay Smack
  • Retail
    Retail by Jay Smack
  • Commercial 2
    Commercial 2 by Jay Smack
  • Narration
    Narration by Jay Smack
  • Explainer
    Explainer by Jay Smack
  • Radio Imaging 1
    Radio Imaging 1 by Jay Smack
  • Radio Imaging 2
    Radio Imaging 2 by Jay Smack
VoiceUnder Demo
Capital One's The Match on TNT
Ford Bronco (at 6:24)
National Retail Radio
Pittsburgh Steelers
Mack Trucks
Award-Winning Theragun/Wilson
Sprouts Farmers Markets
NFL Films type read
Outdoorsy, Rugged
Blasting - authentic, blue-collar
Nexgrill Explainer
Agriculture Gear - rugged, real
Construction Product Launch
Medical Explainer
XBox Promo
Construction, Professional, Bold
Roma Moulding Product Video
The Rocket Factory
Bison Boys Trailer
Virginia Tech - This Is Home
Nabisco Ritz NCAA
Amazon Video
K&N Filters
Cybersecurity Explainer
Video Game "Hidden Deep"
Villanova University
Game Trailer
Virginia Tech - Let's Go
Special Event
Technology Explainer
Keller Williams Realty
Military Video Game
Corporate Video
Adventure Book
Rocs Fried Chicken - Football

Jay Smack has been doing voiceovers professionally for over 20 years. A background in nearly all facets of the industry, from broadcasting, to recording, mixing, engineering, post-production, copywriting, advertising, even custom music composition, provides a unique perspective from both sides of the desk. Jay has a wide range of voices in his repertoire: movie-trailer deep-n-gritty to caring and friendly to character reads with vibes like Sam Elliott or Morgan Freeman to dry industrial to upbeat retail.



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What is Jay up to?
SmackSound – voice talent audio production services
SmackSound Podcast Production – produce your own podcast
StudioB RVA – local and regional music podcast
Good Eye Podcast – wellness, mindfulness, nonprofits, inspiring stories
Red Amp Audio – audio post-production,  recording and custom music


  • Neumann TLM103, Sennheiser 416, Shure KSM32, EV RE20, Neve Preamp, Whisper Room

  • Deliver raw or edited files in any format

  • MacPro, Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason

  • Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, Phone Patch, Conference

  • Mix with music and effects if needed

  • Fast turnaround

Jay is an experienced producer and post-production mixer and can handle all facets of your project. He works closely with Red Amp Audio (​​ and is available to host you and your team there. Just call or email for a tour or estimate.